Inspiration Center Health Services Philosophy

The inspiration center approach to heath care is patient-centered, holistic, less-invasive, evidence based, and collaborative. (see links to the services offered in the box to the right)

Patient Centered. As stated in our mission we believe that people have a powerful innate ability to achieve health, well being, and happiness. The physician's role is simply to facilitate this process. For this reason, we pride ourselves at Inspiration Center in the individual attention we offer patients - we listen carefully. In contrast to the high-volume practices that are too often common in our modern health care system, patients are typically scheduled on the hour at Inspiration Center to allow plenty of time for patient-physician communication.

Holistic. At Inspiration Center we use a number of integrated methodologies, including chiropractic, acupuncture, mindfulness based stress reduction, homeopathy, and life style counseling in nutrition and exercise. We focus on exploring and uncovering the root-cause of patient symptoms.

Less-invasive. One of our core beliefs is that, while pharmaceutical and surgical treatments can play an important role in health care, such treatments should only be used as a last resort after less invasive techniques have been exhausted. Unfortunately, in our fast paced, technologically-oriented society, the opposite is often the case. At Inspiration Center we specialize in non-invasive techniques. We have found that, in many cases, people can overcome health challenges through changes in life-style and regular scheduled non-invasive complimentary therapies, allowing them to avoid the side effects and trauma often associated with more invasive techniques.

Evidence-based. You will notice that a major portion of this web site is dedicate to the most recent research and information on alternative and complimentary therapies. We spend a lot of time exploring contemporary research and make this information available to the public to aid them in making informed choices. While our techniques are diverse and rely much on the patient's own intuition, they are also firmly grounded in the most recent scientific research.

Collaborative. We believe that the patient benefits most when all health practitioners collaborate as a part of a unified health team. For this reason we regularly consult with medical physicians who are working with our patients. We also regularly refer patients to medical physicians, massage therapists, and counselors when we believe that that these other practitioners will provide services the patient needs, which we do not offer.

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