Public Service

A major purpose of this web site is to provide information on alternative health care, free of charge, to aid you in making informed health care decisions. We are constantly surveying and collecting research and provide a searchable database of abstracts. The Inspired News includes a summary of much of this information along with information about the clinic. We also provide a list of recommended books via our bookstore and a list of recommended links.

We serve the Rolla community through monthly Health Evenings where experts from the community give presentations and lead discussions in the Inspiration Center "living room" in a comfortable and intimate setting. In addition, we have supported many community activities financially. We have been underwriters for the local national public radio station KUMR since our inception. We have also provided financial support for RollaNet, the not-for profit community internet service; the Ozarks Actors Theatre; and the Rolla High school Community Awards Scholarships.

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